New Year's marathon

23 november 2019 year

Dear friends, we did not give you any news for a long time! It is time to correct this mistake, and talk about the upcoming events on our project, about the tournament marathon for new year, about return of quizzes and competitions, and also tell you about the current state of development of the cross platform client. But let's go in order...

Tournament marathon before new year

We are not changing our yearly tradition and will soon hold a tournament in the game «1000». For many of you the details of this event are already familiar, however, for those who forgot or joined us recently, we must inform that our tournament- is a kind of competition, in which the winner will need to go through several rounds without losing, starting from qualifications, and ending with the finals. To participate in the tournament it is necessary to submit an application, and this can be done from a special page on our site. We must emphasize, only there and nowhere else! The tournament will start on the 16th of december and will last until 26th of december approximately. If you know how to play «1000», and if you know that in this time you can play four, five games, please visit this link , carefully read the rules of the tournament, and definitely join us!

new year competitions

We also inform, that in december we will again organize competitions. They will take place just like before, on weekends, and will start on 30th of november. Detailed information on upcoming competitions you can find on this page of our site. in this case there is no need to submit any application, it is enough to simply open a table of the required game and set the required options. When the competitions start, we are sure, you will easily understand what to do, and if not, advanced users will surely help you.

new year's intellectual quizzes

From november 30th weekly quizzes will resume. Keep in mind that at this time, quizzes are only in the Russian language. They will be held on saturdays, at 6 PM Moscow time. Detailed information you can find here . With that, if you want to participate in a quiz, you also do not need to submit any applications, the main thing is to open our gaming client in the required time and press the f11 key.

New year's quiz

Again-just like before, we are resuming another new year tradition and are holding a quiz at the end of this year, which will again be Russian only and will be about a famous comedy (which will not be «Ирония Судьбы»!). Audio-quiz will be held on a sunday, 29th of december, at 6 PM Moscow time. The algorithm is the same, like in any other quiz.

And what happened with the new client?

It is clear for everyone since a long time, that we did not meet our deadlines for the new cross platform program, and it happened because of the following reasons:

  • Firstly, originally we planned to build the new client based on the old client. Later this approach needed to be completely changed, which caused us to start from the scratch. Unfortunately, the old client is 90 percent incapable for porting to other platforms. This became clear after we announced our deadlines.
  • Second, the development of the project completely depends on one person, who among other things is busy with a lot of activities in his profession, and in this sense the current year was especially difficult for him.
  • Third, catastrophic interest of our users also affected this, as almost nobody wanted to test anything, and even those who tested, did not report any bugs to the developer. There are only a few active testers, even though as the client is being developed many people use it, and have fun and excitement.

Nevertheless, this year we made a lot of progress, however, for ordinary users, it is almost invisible. We thoroughly planned and realized many mechanisms, algorithms and fundamental aspects of the application. The new client, besides being cross platform, is in many ways superior to it's older brother, in particular:

  • First, we significantly simplified the process of development of new games. Also, to write a game, comparing in difficulty, for example, with the game «one hundred and one », in the new client an experienced developer would need only -a few hours, instead of a few days, when using the old client. Finally, even though the new API is closed and is not published yet, in the future it will certainly be open to everybody wanting to create new games for TS.
  • Second, to develop a game for the new client, for example, on Windows, the programmer does not need to worry about some other things, for example whether the game will work correctly on a different operating system. If the game works on one operating system, this means it will also work correctly on all the other systems, and will of course be correctly supported. Adding new supported operating systems, when the time comes, will be much faster, than the implementation of Android support.
  • Third, the new client is created in such a way, that when you use it, you will forever forget about game crashes, about people who escape from games, about thievs and cheaters. Here it is impossible to silently escape from a game, turn off your Internet by unplugging the modem, and remain unpunished. Every game will always be logically finished, if at least one participant wants this.
  • Fourth, games in the new client should be much more stable than the old games, as all kinds of technical failures, crashes or freezes as the fault of the TS client will be reduced to absolute zero.
  • There are many more advantages, about which it would be too long to write, and also pointless, since active testers already know about them.

Taking into account some failures from the past we will no longer announce any deadlines in connection with moving to a new client or site, but all of this was available since a long time for those wanting to actively participate in testing. In the moment of this news publication there are five games available in the new client:

  • Mile by mile;
  • One hundred and one or Czech fool;
  • Rang;
  • Poker;
  • One thousand.

We will also be very grateful to users, who can help us in visual debugging of the application, since our games in the new client, just like in the old, will have a graphical interface. About which, our wonderful, active, good testers, if you exist, join us! A small part of active testers already has a huge respect and a gift from us! download the new client!

Keep in mind, to use the new client you must register on the new site .

Good luck in the upcoming competitions, as well as good health, peace, love, patience and understanding to you, dear friends! Thanks for understanding!

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06 january 2021 year
I think that you all have done a great job .
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24 october 2020 year

Since October 2020, the new Tiflo Space client is now in the Play Store!

Although still in a beta state, I'm glad it's here!

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