Happy birthday to us! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

14 february 2019 year

Dear users of the specialized social network «Tiflo-Space», our project today is 2 years old! We begin the planned project transformation. This transformation will take place in stages and almost imperceptibly for you.

The first thing we decided to radically change is the site! While it is not put into full operation, you can already register there and evaluate the implemented functionality. If you’re curious about it, please proceed here: social.tiflo.space.

The new site is in no way connected with the current site, it is designed to serve the work of a new cross-platform client, and after finishing the work on integration, this site will completely replace the currently existing resourcetiflo.space. All the stars and toyses will be saved, you can easily pick them up from the old account and the old site. We will try to make the planned transition as comfortable as possible for you.

We also inform that the release of a new client is slightly delayed, unfortunately. Nevertheless, it will certainly see the light soon, together with the new site, with the new implemented and upcoming functions.

Congrats with Valentine’s Day! Thank you for being with us!

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