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Greetings all, its nice to meet ya!

Although I am from the United States, I do keep up with what's up with the world around me, and beyond. I am a Djimbe African Drummer, love remixing music and do some "Voice Over" work for fun. I also enjoy reading/playing "Choose Your own Adventure Games/Books," love technology of any kind (especially Linux/Unix things,) and will eat just about "anything!"

Please feel free to connect with me on here if you'd like, especially if you'are up for a chat/game or two. Do know however, as my "nickname" implies,, I'm already taken by a "Queen." <3

Thanks for reading yall, catch ya peoples' later!

NB. Wish to "Dice With Me?" Simply look up my "Dice World" user name
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36 years old, gender male, Denver
Registration date: 13 april 2018 year
The last time was online: 25 october 2020 year

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greetings to all, I am doing wonderful. if you want to check out my zeno fm audio theater station out, use link of https://zeno.fm/jeo-chronis-radio-network/ to check out my anchor podcasts out visit https://anchor.fm/s/999e2c/podcast/rss
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