Long live the friendship of peoples!

04 may 2018 year

«» Dear participants of the specialized social network «Tiflo.Space», recently in our project there is a large rush of users who speak languages different from Russian. These are people from Serbia, Turkey, Mexico, Spain, Romania and so on. Thanks to them, our project has been actively translated into other languages.

But also, in connection with the events in the framework of our portal frequent conflicts caused by mutual misunderstanding, because the client onToys allows you to play multi-lingual users, but has no mechanisms for direct multilingual communication via chat. Please show each other respect and patience. Now full of tools, with which you can without much straining on the fly to translate texts from virtually any language to any language.

And the last one. For users not living in the CIS, announce that recently payments via credit card we accept from all over the world, but so far, except for three countries: USA, Canada and Australia.

Peace, luck and success to You!

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23 may 2018 year
Hello, can I translate Ontoys into Slovak or Czech? I have some friends and I want to get to know them so they can play other games too?
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L C Habibi
05 may 2018 year
Hi, I'm Luis from Panama. As a first Latin American user on the network, it is amazing that many people from other countries are conected, and therefore translating the client and possibely the website in many languages. I'm waiting the spanish translation to arrive, and that makes me so fascinating.
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04 may 2018 year
Hi I'm Italian, I would like to have the online quiz translated in English please. Thanks in advance, Pierpaolo Tieri.
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