Mile by mile

Mile by mile


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18 february 2018 year

Translated English rules follow, but do not include them here before updating the game with this language file which includes better card names:

The goal is to be the first to get to the finish line.

The playing deck consists of 104 or 105 cards:

• 25, 50 and 75 miles — 10 cards;

• 100 miles — 12 cards;

• 200 miles — 4 cards;

• Start — 10 cards;

• Gas, spare tire, repairation, turn round, end of speed limit are all 4 cards;

• Stop, Accident, Turn back, Out of gas, flat and speed limit have all 2 cards;

• Protection from spot Protection, limit Protection from accidents, Protection against reversal Protection, drain the gasoline, Protecting you from descent wheels — 1 card;

• All protections have 1 card,

• Remove all protections— 1 card (optional).

At your turn, you need to take a card from the deck and use any of the existing, to perform various actions.

After :

• the "Accident",

• the "Flat"

• "Out of gas" etc, need to re-start, as it is believed that the car stopped.

In fact, you need to "Start your engine" and "drive". But opponents will make sure to stop you.

How to play?

At your turn, You need to take the card. It automatically appears last on the right, and selecting any of the seven available to You will do the corresponding action. If the card cannot be used, it is discarded. For example, if You play "Out of gass" on somebody who already has no gas, then you will simply discard that card and your turn is over. If You are trying to "start", and you have no gas, "have no tire", or "you are crashed", etc, the card — "start" will also not work. Each action, other than outlined below, the game moves to the next opponent :

• Skip a turn — next player is skipped.

• ALl protections — You get another turn, and You need to take the card and choose an action.

There are six types of protection, they are protections from :

• "stopping" — You will never again need to start your engine afater playing it;

• "Out of gass protection" — similarly, you will never again need gass;

• "speed limit protection" — well, on you no limit can be emposed;

• "accidents protection"; • "turning back protection"; • "Tire protection".

There are 5 cards :

25, 50, 75, 100 and 200 miles, the use of which is need to go to the finish line.

• there also are 6 similar cards to eliminate the effects : "Spare tire", "Gas", etc.

• Also there are 6 cards to cause damage to your opponents, for example :"stop", "Flat", etc.

If you use the them, You will need to choose an opponent on whom You impose an action.

It's worth noting, if You are "turned back", then you will go from the finish line in the opposite direction, and if no luck, you have all the cards — miles, then there is nothing left as to go against the finish.

To reach the finish line must be exactly. If the distance is 1000 miles, then you need to drive until 1000 miles. If You try to use the card, which gives more than the required distance, the card is just discarded.


In your hand :

left / right : select a card;

Space or Enter — to use the card;

F2, game status informations.

F3 — information on the status of players.

Good luck with the race!

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01 may 2017 year
Can someone translate this please?
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