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• 29 september, saturday renews article «Nine» in the category «Cards»:
Number of decks: 1; number of cards in the deck: 36; number of players: 2 - 6; the strenghth of the cards: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. A good card game that develops logic and attention. It is probably the second most popular card game in Russia…
4.92 - average rating.Total number of 12 ratings.
• 17 may renews article «Bulls and Cows» in the category «Logical»:
The game is designed for two, three or four players. The computer makes a random secret 4-digit number with non-repeating digits. The player who starts the game by luck, makes the first attempt to guess the number. This is one…
4.27 - average rating.Total number of 15 ratings.
• 15 may renews article «Stratego» in the category «Militaristic»:
A military board game for 2 players, with 40 pieces for each player. Players know only their own pieces; you can find out pieces of your opponent only after an attack. The goal is to capture the unique piece of your…
4.67 - average rating.Total number of 6 ratings.
• 04 may renews article «Sixty-six» in the category «Cards»:
Two players take part in the game. The game sixty six consists of several rounds, in each of which the winner can get from one to three points. The winner of the game 66 is the participant, who scored 8 points first. The game uses a deck of 24 cards -
4.45 - average rating.Total number of 11 ratings.
• 05 april Arslankoc updated his profile…
• 29 march Arslankoc joined our social network…
• 07 march renews article «Mile by mile» in the category «Board»:
The goal is to be the first to get to the finish line. The playing deck consists of 104 or 105 cards: 25, 50 and 75 miles — 10 cards; 100 miles — 12 cards; 200 miles —…
4.77 - average rating.Total number of 30 ratings.
• 15 february 2017 year Tiflo Space changed his nickname to…
• 15 february 2017 year renews article «Guess» in the category «Others»:
The rules of the game need translation...
4.6 - average rating.Total number of 5 ratings.
• 15 february 2017 year renews article «Table tennis» in the category «Audio»:
The rules of the game need translation...
4.71 - average rating.Total number of 14 ratings.

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